Plant Pot

If you are a gardener at heart, one of the items you can't go without is the plant pot. The most basic of all gardening instruments, they are, as the name implies, where you place your flora when you grow it. There are many different sizes and shapes out there, so you need to be sure that the designs you end up picking are the right ones.

Originally, and still to an impressive extent today, plant pots were created using terracotta clay. Nowadays, you can also find them in stone, plastic, and wooden variations. There are even a few biodegradable models out there too. Examples of these special pots include cardboard, peat moss, and heavy brown paper.

For those seedlings that are beginning their transformations within commercial polytunnels or greenhouses, pots typically adopt the shape of trays complete with cells. Every cell functions as a compact pot. Additionally, to deal with excess water, holes exist underneath the pots to let it out.

Anyone who wants their plants to thrive should thoroughly examine every pot available to them. Some might look pretty, but they may not be suitable for the plants you are working with. If you require a top quality plant pot, you'll find that there's no shortage available at a local DIY store or garden centre.

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