Faced with a seemingly endless list of choices, if you opt for the incorrect plant pot, not only will you waste time and resources, but you can harm your flora too. When choosing your own, you need to think about weight, porosity, and density. If you do this, you can prevent yourself from making a series of exorbitant errors.

Whichever pot you decide to go for, it has to have sufficient drainage qualities. Not only do healthy plants require room in order to thrive, but they also demand oxygen for their roots. If any excess water is unable to make its way out of the pot, your plants shall end up drowning.

On to porosity; porous pots, like those made of unglazed clay or terracotta, paper pulp, timber and similar natural substances enable air and moisture to advance through them. The primary advantage of materials that are capable of breathing is that air can flow around the roots.

Weight is crucial because once soil becomes heavy within a weighty pot it shall be more challenging to move. It's advised that you think about the max weight for each one.

Despite the huge selection of pots, there are designs out there suitable for you. Take the time to browse and you will surely find the right one for your needs.

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